What to do before a trip ?

Dear followers,

First of all, sorry that it took me that long to come back to you but lately university has been really stressful since I am working on my bachelor thesis. Now back to the topic I have already tell you about some of my great experiences traveling and the people I went with but there is also some preparation needed before the trip, today I am going to talk about it and give you some useful advice.


Best offers

The city of love , Paris

First of all, look in many different websites the prices of your tickets so you will be able to compare and get the best price. The ones I always use are “Momondo”,” Skyscanner” and “Cheapoair”. Check which airlines appear to be the cheapest ones and then go to the official webpage from the airline and double check that the price they have there is not better.

Once you have found the best option do not hesitate and buy it. If you are with friends and you are not sure about where to go then I can only recommend you to do blind booking, no one can get angry because their preferences were ignored and you can choose a package that has the destinations you find more interesting.

Check List

The best way to organize a trip is doing a check list with all the things you need to do so you would not forget anything. When it comes to accommodation and you are traveling with friends Airbnb its always the best option, if you are not a big group or you are traveling alone then go to a hostel.  The next step is the luggage; it depends of course how long you are going to be travelling but in general less is more. Remember that if you take too many things with you, you will have less space to take souvenirs or other stuff from the country you are going to visit.

Think about the essentials,  if you are going to a ski trip then take with you all the equipment needed and warm clothes or if your destination is a beautiful beach of course do not forget the bikini. I would strongly recommend you to inform yourself a little about your destination, write down all the places you want to visit and booked the tickets in advance for example for the museums so you would not have to make a long line and waste time.

Charles Bridge, Prague

Enjoy the trips and make the best out of it,

Best regards,


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