Trip to beautiful Egypt

Good morning people,

Today I want to share with you a personal experience, my trip to Egypt.

Egyptian desert

Actually the idea to go there came as I was talking with one of my best friends  Alia who was born in Cairo, she was telling me about how beautiful and rich in culture is her country and that it will be definitely worth it to go there some day.  I became really curious about the country, read some articles and did some research about it on the internet and ended up deciding that I had to go there.

Luckily I found tickets at a very good price at the website “Momondo” for the winter vacations in January 2016, I only paid 250 Euros Roundtrip which is pretty good. On the way there I had to wait 10 hours in Rome at the airport so I used the time to call my friends back home and my parents and do some catch up with them.

Sightseeing Cairo

The flight landed in Cairo at 4 am, I was really tired and glad when my friend and her dad came to pick me up I almost did not see much because it was dark but I realized Cairo was a really big city, full of people but also in the different city sectors the economic and social inequalities were visible.

I spent 2 weeks in Egypt, the first one in Cairo getting to know the city and then we went on a cruise to Luxor and Aswan.  In Cairo I went to see the pyramids in Giza, the Egyptian Museum, Al Azhar Mosque , to the city center and the big markets where you can buy almost everything  , Old Cairo and the Citadel. I also went to eat in a lot of Restaurants in Samalek which has a more western look and atmosphere. One of the highlights was the view of the city from the Cairo Tower.

Tourist life

The cruise to Luxor and Aswan was also pretty nice I went with my friend and her family that already had been there so they knew good places where we went to eat have a coffee or do some sightseeing. I had the chance to see a lot of antique temples like, Luxor Temple, Temple of Karnak and the most incredible experience was to go at night to a lights show in the Valley of the Kings where the history of the place was also explained.

I was so happy to have my friend by my side because she told me a lot of interesting facts about the history of the country, the life conditions and culture. It was also important to have someone that could speak Arabic because a lot of the people mostly in the rural areas did not speak any other experience. I had an amazing time and got to know a lot of new things so I am pretty glad I did it.


Best regards,


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