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Buonanotte dear travelers,

Today I am really stressed with all the work I have to do for my graduation thesis but I keep thinking in all the places I have been and one of the best memories that come to my mind is a trip I made 2 years ago to Italy with a friend. So tonight’s blog entry will be about one of my personal experiences.

Planning and organization of the trip

In the Easter break of 2015 a friend from Guatemala, who was doing a Semester abroad in Spain, and I decided to go to Italy for 2 weeks. We have never been there and we wanted to see as much as possible without getting stressed and keeping the “vacation feeling” so we chose to visit 3 cities; Rome, Florence and Venice.  We arranged to meet and start the trip in Venice and booked our flights with Ryanair, she from Spain and I from Germany and we did it in advance so we ended paying like 35 euros round trip.

As regards accommodation we look on TripAdvisor and in the webpage for cheap rooms for only 2 persons it would have been much cheaper to stay in a hostel of course but my friend Ana Maria was afraid of someone stealing our bags and felt more comfortable in a private room so we booked one in every city. That was the first lesson from the trip that if you go with a friend you should be ready to make compromises but also have very clear what you want and do not want to do while traveling.

Italian cities

I am sure you have heard about people calling Paris the city of love, but I think they are wrong, Venice is the most romantic city I have ever been to. There are no cars due to the canals so people walk or use small boats called “gondolas”, this gives the city a peaceful atmosphere. You can sit on a bridge and watch people eat, enjoy the sun, visit a church or try the delicious Italian dishes.

We were out the whole day from 9:00 in the morning until 20:00 at night but of course we made many breaks along the day to eat some pasta or try a gelato which were amazing or just sit near the water and appreciate the moment. We stayed there 3 days and then moved to Florence was also pretty amazing we visit the Ponte Vecchio and took really cool pictures during the sunset, went to the Cathedral, walk through many squares called “Piazzas” and visited many Palaces. In Rome we stayed one week so we really had a lot of time to see everything for example: Fontana di Trevi , Vatican,  Ruins of the Roman Empire, St Peters Basilica and etc.


Do not stress about the planning have a general idea about what to do but be also spontaneous for example to get from Venice to Florence we decided on the last day to travel with the train and it was cheaper than if we had booked a flight in advance. Enjoy all the moments you are sharing with your friend and if you want to see different things it is also ok if you split for some hours so everyone of you can see what they want and have some time alone. Being with somebody else along a trip is fun you discover together new places and make some new memories together as well as enjoy the company of a person that you really like and feel comfortable with. Shared happiness is more enjoyed so do not hesitate to do it.

Until very soon,


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