The Land of the eternal Spring – Guatemala

Dear followers,

Have you already been to Latin America? I am sure you have at least already heard about Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina but today I will give you one secret tip, go and visit Guatemala!!

General Information

It does not matter in which season of the year you are planning to go because the citizens of this beautiful country have never met a cold winter. In the capital city Guatemala, on a really cold day, you will still find at least 15 degrees so pack your things and begin one of the most amazing journeys in your life, you will not regret it.  This is also the country where the Maya civilization lived and they left many historical monuments and a huge cultural legacy. The official language from this country is Spanish but there are around 21 other indigenous languages with Mayan origins.


It does not matter what your preferences are, in this place you will definitely find something for everyone. For the ones who like climbing or taking really long walks in open spaces surrounded by the nature you will love the national parks for example Grutas de Lanquín or Laguna Lachuá both in the city of Alta Verapaz or the different volcanos that are around all the country some of them are: Pacaya, Fire volcano and water volcano, etc. From the many beaches that are in Guatemala you have access to both Pacific and Atlantic and one really special thing about the beaches is that the sand is black so it is different than in all the other places. There are also two beautiful Lakes Atitlan and Amatitlan which are perfect for a weekend escapade, you can rent a house on the edge of the lake turn your cellphones off and enjoy a great view, take a swim on the pool or read a good book and get tanned under the sunshine. The gastronomy of this country is amazing, so try all the typical food you can and the ones from the food markets are even better and cheaper than going to a restaurant

Life Conditions

Guatemala is a multilingual and cultural country and has a lot to offer.  If you come for example from Europe, you will get a completely new different point of view about life social and economic conditions. We are talking about a developing country with a lot of resources and potential that can be exploited, a good example of it is the Tourism Industry that is fighting to improve their economic and social standards for its citizens. Like in many other countries in the region there is still some work to do as regards fighting corruption and violence but the capacities are there they just have to be used wisely. One last reminder if you go there you can not skip a visit to Antigua Guatemala, it’s a colonial city near the capital which has such a nice environment and gives you the feeling you have turned back in time.

I encourage you to try new things and go to new places, until the next time.

Best regards,


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