Blogparade; Mannheim fantasy Castle

History about the baroque monument

Schloss Mannheim
Here I am in front of the castle

The city of Mannheim in Baden Württemberg Germany is not precisely known as a tourist destination but has an incredible monument, the Mannheim Castle. In 1606 Elector Carl Philipp the catholic imperial prince moved his residential place from Heidelberg to Mannheim.  A Palace in the late Baroque style was constructed, it has a 440 meter (1,445 feet) long representative façade structured by an accentuating Middle Building (Corps de logis – main building) and the East and West wings. In that time there were also a Palace Church, a Jesuit Theological College, Court Opera and a Ball House.

Under the regime of Napoleon Mannheim became part of Baden in 1803 and the Grand Duke started living in the castle. In this time industrialization was developing really fast so a part of the palace garden was destroyed so a new train line could be made.  Many years later it was decided that the palace should be rebuild, because it was left in ruins after World War II. The new building is really beautiful and majestic; it definitely gives you the feeling you are in a movie or fairytale.  The design of the rooms was completely changed since now the University of the city works inside of the Palace.

Castle Museum

Even though now the Palace corridors are full of Students and university Professors some historic halls are available for the public which are part of the Castle Museum. The most attractive room to visit and the only one in its original condition, is the private library of Electress Elisabeth Augusta, which it is called „Cabinet Library“ and was designed in 1755 by Nicolas de Pigage.  The room has an intimate atmosphere, a lot of muse’s portrayals and allegories.

In the front part of the Castle you can sit down and have a coffee while you enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of being inside a baroque monument. Also the fact that there is always movement because of all the Students and administration staff add life to such big facilities. The Museum entry is in the left side from the Castle and its open from Monday to Friday.  Another useful Tipp is that there are special prices for Students, the normal price for the entry is 5 euros but students get 50% off and only have to pay 2.50 Euro so do not miss the opportunity to see the cultural side of this city.

Present conditions – University life

The Mannheim University also offers high level education and is in a very good position when it comes to the university rankings mostly in the following areas; Economics, Psychology and Business Administration.  I also believe that the fact of having the opportunity of studying in a place with so much history behind and that looks so beautiful indirectly gives even more motivation to learn more and achieve higher goals.  Do not let you discourage by the industrial fame of the city and go there to take a look. I can  assure you one thing, it is definitely worth it.

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