What to do before a trip ?

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First of all, sorry that it took me that long to come back to you but lately university has been really stressful since I am working on my bachelor thesis. Now back to the topic I have already tell you about some of my great experiences traveling and the people I went with but there is also some preparation needed before the trip, today I am going to talk about it and give you some useful advice.


Best offers

The city of love , Paris

First of all, look in many different websites the prices of your tickets so you will be able to compare and get the best price. The ones I always use are “Momondo”,” Skyscanner” and “Cheapoair”. Check which airlines appear to be the cheapest ones and then go to the official webpage from the airline and double check that the price they have there is not better.

Once you have found the best option do not hesitate and buy it. If you are with friends and you are not sure about where to go then I can only recommend you to do blind booking, no one can get angry because their preferences were ignored and you can choose a package that has the destinations you find more interesting.

Check List

The best way to organize a trip is doing a check list with all the things you need to do so you would not forget anything. When it comes to accommodation and you are traveling with friends Airbnb its always the best option, if you are not a big group or you are traveling alone then go to a hostel.  The next step is the luggage; it depends of course how long you are going to be travelling but in general less is more. Remember that if you take too many things with you, you will have less space to take souvenirs or other stuff from the country you are going to visit.

Think about the essentials,  if you are going to a ski trip then take with you all the equipment needed and warm clothes or if your destination is a beautiful beach of course do not forget the bikini. I would strongly recommend you to inform yourself a little about your destination, write down all the places you want to visit and booked the tickets in advance for example for the museums so you would not have to make a long line and waste time.

Charles Bridge, Prague

Enjoy the trips and make the best out of it,

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Trip to beautiful Egypt

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Today I want to share with you a personal experience, my trip to Egypt.

Egyptian desert

Actually the idea to go there came as I was talking with one of my best friends  Alia who was born in Cairo, she was telling me about how beautiful and rich in culture is her country and that it will be definitely worth it to go there some day.  I became really curious about the country, read some articles and did some research about it on the internet and ended up deciding that I had to go there.

Luckily I found tickets at a very good price at the website “Momondo” for the winter vacations in January 2016, I only paid 250 Euros Roundtrip which is pretty good. On the way there I had to wait 10 hours in Rome at the airport so I used the time to call my friends back home and my parents and do some catch up with them.

Sightseeing Cairo

The flight landed in Cairo at 4 am, I was really tired and glad when my friend and her dad came to pick me up I almost did not see much because it was dark but I realized Cairo was a really big city, full of people but also in the different city sectors the economic and social inequalities were visible.

I spent 2 weeks in Egypt, the first one in Cairo getting to know the city and then we went on a cruise to Luxor and Aswan.  In Cairo I went to see the pyramids in Giza, the Egyptian Museum, Al Azhar Mosque , to the city center and the big markets where you can buy almost everything  , Old Cairo and the Citadel. I also went to eat in a lot of Restaurants in Samalek which has a more western look and atmosphere. One of the highlights was the view of the city from the Cairo Tower.

Tourist life

The cruise to Luxor and Aswan was also pretty nice I went with my friend and her family that already had been there so they knew good places where we went to eat have a coffee or do some sightseeing. I had the chance to see a lot of antique temples like, Luxor Temple, Temple of Karnak and the most incredible experience was to go at night to a lights show in the Valley of the Kings where the history of the place was also explained.

I was so happy to have my friend by my side because she told me a lot of interesting facts about the history of the country, the life conditions and culture. It was also important to have someone that could speak Arabic because a lot of the people mostly in the rural areas did not speak any other experience. I had an amazing time and got to know a lot of new things so I am pretty glad I did it.


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Friends Adventures – Travel with friends

Buonanotte dear travelers,

Today I am really stressed with all the work I have to do for my graduation thesis but I keep thinking in all the places I have been and one of the best memories that come to my mind is a trip I made 2 years ago to Italy with a friend. So tonight’s blog entry will be about one of my personal experiences.

Planning and organization of the trip

In the Easter break of 2015 a friend from Guatemala, who was doing a Semester abroad in Spain, and I decided to go to Italy for 2 weeks. We have never been there and we wanted to see as much as possible without getting stressed and keeping the “vacation feeling” so we chose to visit 3 cities; Rome, Florence and Venice.  We arranged to meet and start the trip in Venice and booked our flights with Ryanair, she from Spain and I from Germany and we did it in advance so we ended paying like 35 euros round trip.

As regards accommodation we look on TripAdvisor and in the webpage booking.com for cheap rooms for only 2 persons it would have been much cheaper to stay in a hostel of course but my friend Ana Maria was afraid of someone stealing our bags and felt more comfortable in a private room so we booked one in every city. That was the first lesson from the trip that if you go with a friend you should be ready to make compromises but also have very clear what you want and do not want to do while traveling.

Italian cities

I am sure you have heard about people calling Paris the city of love, but I think they are wrong, Venice is the most romantic city I have ever been to. There are no cars due to the canals so people walk or use small boats called “gondolas”, this gives the city a peaceful atmosphere. You can sit on a bridge and watch people eat, enjoy the sun, visit a church or try the delicious Italian dishes.

We were out the whole day from 9:00 in the morning until 20:00 at night but of course we made many breaks along the day to eat some pasta or try a gelato which were amazing or just sit near the water and appreciate the moment. We stayed there 3 days and then moved to Florence was also pretty amazing we visit the Ponte Vecchio and took really cool pictures during the sunset, went to the Cathedral, walk through many squares called “Piazzas” and visited many Palaces. In Rome we stayed one week so we really had a lot of time to see everything for example: Fontana di Trevi , Vatican,  Ruins of the Roman Empire, St Peters Basilica and etc.


Do not stress about the planning have a general idea about what to do but be also spontaneous for example to get from Venice to Florence we decided on the last day to travel with the train and it was cheaper than if we had booked a flight in advance. Enjoy all the moments you are sharing with your friend and if you want to see different things it is also ok if you split for some hours so everyone of you can see what they want and have some time alone. Being with somebody else along a trip is fun you discover together new places and make some new memories together as well as enjoy the company of a person that you really like and feel comfortable with. Shared happiness is more enjoyed so do not hesitate to do it.

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The Land of the eternal Spring – Guatemala

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Have you already been to Latin America? I am sure you have at least already heard about Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina but today I will give you one secret tip, go and visit Guatemala!!

General Information

It does not matter in which season of the year you are planning to go because the citizens of this beautiful country have never met a cold winter. In the capital city Guatemala, on a really cold day, you will still find at least 15 degrees so pack your things and begin one of the most amazing journeys in your life, you will not regret it.  This is also the country where the Maya civilization lived and they left many historical monuments and a huge cultural legacy. The official language from this country is Spanish but there are around 21 other indigenous languages with Mayan origins.


It does not matter what your preferences are, in this place you will definitely find something for everyone. For the ones who like climbing or taking really long walks in open spaces surrounded by the nature you will love the national parks for example Grutas de Lanquín or Laguna Lachuá both in the city of Alta Verapaz or the different volcanos that are around all the country some of them are: Pacaya, Fire volcano and water volcano, etc. From the many beaches that are in Guatemala you have access to both Pacific and Atlantic and one really special thing about the beaches is that the sand is black so it is different than in all the other places. There are also two beautiful Lakes Atitlan and Amatitlan which are perfect for a weekend escapade, you can rent a house on the edge of the lake turn your cellphones off and enjoy a great view, take a swim on the pool or read a good book and get tanned under the sunshine. The gastronomy of this country is amazing, so try all the typical food you can and the ones from the food markets are even better and cheaper than going to a restaurant

Life Conditions

Guatemala is a multilingual and cultural country and has a lot to offer.  If you come for example from Europe, you will get a completely new different point of view about life social and economic conditions. We are talking about a developing country with a lot of resources and potential that can be exploited, a good example of it is the Tourism Industry that is fighting to improve their economic and social standards for its citizens. Like in many other countries in the region there is still some work to do as regards fighting corruption and violence but the capacities are there they just have to be used wisely. One last reminder if you go there you can not skip a visit to Antigua Guatemala, it’s a colonial city near the capital which has such a nice environment and gives you the feeling you have turned back in time.

I encourage you to try new things and go to new places, until the next time.

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Blogparade; Mannheim fantasy Castle

History about the baroque monument

Schloss Mannheim
Here I am in front of the castle

The city of Mannheim in Baden Württemberg Germany is not precisely known as a tourist destination but has an incredible monument, the Mannheim Castle. In 1606 Elector Carl Philipp the catholic imperial prince moved his residential place from Heidelberg to Mannheim.  A Palace in the late Baroque style was constructed, it has a 440 meter (1,445 feet) long representative façade structured by an accentuating Middle Building (Corps de logis – main building) and the East and West wings. In that time there were also a Palace Church, a Jesuit Theological College, Court Opera and a Ball House.

Under the regime of Napoleon Mannheim became part of Baden in 1803 and the Grand Duke started living in the castle. In this time industrialization was developing really fast so a part of the palace garden was destroyed so a new train line could be made.  Many years later it was decided that the palace should be rebuild, because it was left in ruins after World War II. The new building is really beautiful and majestic; it definitely gives you the feeling you are in a movie or fairytale.  The design of the rooms was completely changed since now the University of the city works inside of the Palace.

Castle Museum

Even though now the Palace corridors are full of Students and university Professors some historic halls are available for the public which are part of the Castle Museum. The most attractive room to visit and the only one in its original condition, is the private library of Electress Elisabeth Augusta, which it is called „Cabinet Library“ and was designed in 1755 by Nicolas de Pigage.  The room has an intimate atmosphere, a lot of muse’s portrayals and allegories.

In the front part of the Castle you can sit down and have a coffee while you enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of being inside a baroque monument. Also the fact that there is always movement because of all the Students and administration staff add life to such big facilities. The Museum entry is in the left side from the Castle and its open from Monday to Friday.  Another useful Tipp is that there are special prices for Students, the normal price for the entry is 5 euros but students get 50% off and only have to pay 2.50 Euro so do not miss the opportunity to see the cultural side of this city.

Present conditions – University life

The Mannheim University also offers high level education and is in a very good position when it comes to the university rankings mostly in the following areas; Economics, Psychology and Business Administration.  I also believe that the fact of having the opportunity of studying in a place with so much history behind and that looks so beautiful indirectly gives even more motivation to learn more and achieve higher goals.  Do not let you discourage by the industrial fame of the city and go there to take a look. I can  assure you one thing, it is definitely worth it.

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PS Here some preview about one of my favorite cities, Prague

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